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Mission Statement
To be the best in the eyes of our customers, by delivering value, service and solutions through innovation and partnership
Vision Statement
To be Florida’s premier Window and Door solution provider
Why Custom Fenestration

C.F.P.'s President, John Meacham founded this company on the sole premise that in the premium window and door market there was a need for a complete solutions provider. In short order we have established ourselves as a leader in quality and performance in the fenestration industry.

Because Florida and the Caribbean are different than the rest of the continental United States we know that we need to take a unique approach to our product offering and installation services that we provide. C.F.P. works in concert with its Manufacturers in market, and on the plant floor, to develop and ensure the product being offered to our customers meets the most stringent requirements and of course all applicable codes.

Located in the center of Florida allows most customers easy access to our full service showroom of Premium Window and Door products whether travelling by car or flying to Orlando from the Caribbean.

Our factory trained sales staff and installation professionals are readily acknowledged as the local industry leaders maintaining the highest level of professionalism, honesty and fairness in their relationships with our customers.

John Meacham in addition to being the company President is also a Florida Certified Building Contractor. He understands the fenestration process where our competitor's leadership is usually required to source out the most important part of the experience due to their limited knowledge. Custom Fenestration Products is committed to giving our customers the highest quality product with the highest quality experience. We understand that our customers dictate our and our families' future.

We have a flawless record of customer interaction and satisfaction as a result of focusing each day on how to exceed our customer's expectations. It is this that makes us who we are and why we have chosen to do what we do. We hope that we are able to earn your business in the future and that by entrusting us with your project or residence we can also demonstrate to you why we are the leaders in the Florida fenestration industry.

Fenestration as defined by Webster's dictionary:

"The arrangement of windows and doors in a building"

 Fenestration as defined by Webster’s dictionary:
“The arrangement of windows and doors in a building”


Delivering value, service and solutions through innovation and partnership with our customers.

Premium Window and Door Products Serving Florida and the Carribbean